Using Blender to create animations for Unreal Engine 4

Uefy Script is a python script made for Blender 2.8 that enables rigify addon to export an Epic Skeleton compatible bone hierarchy. With Uefy you can quickly rig and export any character and create new animations for Unreal Engine from Blender.

Product Page:

Rig Any Character

Uefy Script is not limited to just the UE4 Mannequin. You can rig any character!

Characters from different sources rigged with Uefy Script
Paragon Wraith, SK Mannequin, Infinity Blade Troll and Mixamo Survivor all rigged with Uefy Script for Epic Skeleton

In the image above I have rigged various characters available in asset packs and Mixamo/FuseCC. These characters already had a skeleton but didn’t match the Epic Skeleton exactly,

Uefy Script can cut down time required to make them compatible by posing them accurately and preserving existing weight paint.

Rig Static Mesh

You can also sculpt and retopologize your own custom character that is a plain static mesh without any armature. Use the script to give it an Epic Skeleton in a fraction of the time required to build it manually.

Skeleton Vs Rig

Wait! My character already has a skeleton !

A character with a skeleton is not the same thing as a character with an animation rig.
You need a proper animation rig to create new animation if you want anything more than trivial motions.

A rig is much more complicated than a skeleton and is usually external to game engines existing only in DCC apps like Blender or Maya.

Luckily Blender has a great animation rig system called Rigify. It outputs a skeleton which causes issues with Unreal Engine. You can use Uefy Script to make it compatible.

Wait Wait! I use marketplace animations I don’t make my own!

Uefy Script is still useful in this scenario. In fact the vast majority of users are using the script to rig their characters and use existing marketplace animations. The script makes characters available from any source get near perfect retargeting in the engine with IK support plus 3rd party blueprint compatibility.

Using the script also gives them the option of filling blanks in animsets by creating small animations to integrate into the larger more professionally made sets.

With all characters on the same skeleton. It becomes possible to share a single copy of the animations for every character. You get automatic drop-in compatibility with every blueprint animation system built for the Epic Skeleton. Like ALS.

This is a very common use case for Uefy Script.


The script analyzes and poses the characters. It builds an exact match to the Epic Skeleton. It has support to add extra twist bones and a facial rig to let your character talk.

Even paragon characters which supposedly already have the Epic Skeleton benefit from begin processed by Uefy Script since you can modify the meshes and re-pose the characters to get near perfect retargeting for non-paragon animation sets.

How to Purchase

You can purchase Uefy Script from the product page:

There are a host of other features in the script. Be sure to check details on other features and lists of tutorials on the link above.